OSR Chain -Creating a new revolution in Crypto Market , Commercializing its Coin in Hotel Casinos

OSR Chain -Creating a new revolution in Crypto Market , Commercializing its Coin in Hotel Casinos

OSR chain is meant to revolutionize how cryptos can be used across different forums for trade, exchange, buying and selling of goods and services.

It drives a decentralized platform empowering easy and instant financial services for your cryptos. Enabling our users to fashion their digital identity and store their digital assets better than anywhere else. OSR chain serves reliable, safe, trusted and stable monetary benefits while offering untraceable payments and resistance. It provides reliable and fully protected services. Providing the most reliable solutions for ones crypto-matters throughout interoperable transactions, payments and exchange.

OSR Chain runs casinos, and in the future, it plans to enter numerous fields like real estate, smart crypto city, shopping and foreign exchange. For these purposes, the company will introduce OSR – the Stablecoin which is able to keep its value.

The company is collaborating with the Governments of different Countries for the sole purpose of Developing its Business and spreading the OSR Chain across the Globe. Currently, it’s commercializing its Coin in hotel casinos in Philippines.

OSR Chain’s team believes that each coin ought to be commercialized in real world. Therefore, OSR can act as a commercial coin and can defend the market in case of dumping. Currently, the company is functioning on commercializing the coin in hotel casinos. There are already millions of users, and OSR can expand a lot of to be utilized in different countries similarly.

OSR claims to be the innovation within the industrial revolution of the future and plans to be used and distributed in real world.

OSR chain presents a highly secure, scalable and user-friendly cryptocurrency. OSR chain enables wide range of token exchange. It offers untraceable payments and resistance to blockchain analysis.

High Scalability

OSR chain is a peer-to-peer network that is resilient, flexible, transparent and well-distributed, while OSRcoin is a multi-usage coin.

High Security

OSR chain enables irreversible transactions, secure investments, lesser instability, multi-layer authentication, anonymity and dynamic password recovery.

AI Consensus

Proof of Artificial Intelligence is the core of OSR chain. It is secure, intelligent, efficient, decentralized and scalable. It enhances the network’s throughput.

User Friendly

OSR chain is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't know coding for creating smart contracts. Users can create smart contracts using human readable formatting.

To know more on OSR Chain, Logon to https://osrchain.io/

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